About Jill Valliere


Artist Statement


In 1997, I began my formal studies at the Rhode Island School of Design, where I received a certificate in decorative painting.  Among the many techniques and finishes that I learned at that time were Venetian plastering, gold leafing, and glazing. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, I spent twelve years working alone and alongside many other artists.  We created murals and specialty decorative finishes in homes and commercial spaces throughout New England. It was that many years of experience working with decorative painting materials combined with formal art schooling that brought me to the technique I now use to create my fine art paintings


I have always been drawn to vibrancy and texture in art, and this translates to my process of layering, adding, and subtracting elements in my work. My use of a power sander to break through layers of glazes and varnishes creates a textural surface which brings forth the nuances of color and depth that I slowly building up.  Incorporating metal leaf creates shimmering passages that allow light to move in and out of each piece.   This light changes throughout the day and even creates a "moonlight" effect at night. 

My work is the outward expression of my need to understand and explore the world beyond a momentary glance.  I am a person who is sensitive to life’s interactions both with people and with nature. These are the reasons that I am unable to paint a place that I have not visited.  Without the experience of these connections, my ability to put on canvas what I see and feel would not be possible.


My studio is located in my home in Maine which I share with my husband Marcel Valliere and our beloved dogs.  Our home is surrounded by 30 acres of wooded property with distant ocean views. Each morning we take our dogs out on our hiking trails which are alive with inspiration and take on new color and form with each season.